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One of my favorite things about #P90 is it’s easy to do with your spouse or accountability partner! This was John and I before #Sweat A I love getting fit together, it’s the best part of my life; going on this journey of health and wellness together! (at GF2Revolution Fitness Facility)

Got my bands all ready for my #P90 sculpt A workout. This was a good workout overall it mixed it up pretty good! Do you need a good starter program an on switch to fitness, try P90 we have accountability groups starting now! Join us! (at GF2Revolution Fitness Facility)

#PIYO Day 23 and finally get to switch up #core for the #bonus disc for ordering through tbb coach #hardcore on the floor! Love this one! Challenging but so much fun. I will be so proud of myself when I can master this one! Which do you prefer core or hardcore on the floor? (at GF2Revolution Fitness Facility)

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